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International Business Project INDUSTRIAL PARK«OVIDIY CITY»

International Business Project INDUSTRIAL PARK «OVIDIY CITY»  best solutions for  grow yours business!

International Business Project  INDUSTRIAL PARK «OVIDIY CITY» for big institutional / individual investor who can afford capital to make this world wide international business venture 100% successfull. This  online internet eBusiness proposition created to raise INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE INDUSTRIAL PARK with SEA HUB PORT (HUB TERMINALS) . 

INDUSTRIAL PARK «OVIDIY CITY» International Business Investment Project in Ukraine, located near Odessa region named by ancient poet Ovidiy. Ovidiy Publius was roman poet, which has had a tremendous impact on European literature from the Middle Ages to the present day. Ovidiy has shown exceptional ability in the field of rhetoric and was engaged in politics, but the passion for poetry has prevailed. Art of Love with complementary remedy for love (Remedia amoris) is the most brilliant and most famous in modern times a creation Ovidiy.

The FIRST & ONLY in Ukraine INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE INDUSTRIAL PARK  with modern infrastructure (HUB Terminals, hotels, logistics centers, etc.) for handling all types of cargo by AIR, SEA, RIVER, RAIL, ROAD and PIPELINE connecting Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia. 

Modern Project, satisfied all modern business queries and include Private International HUB Airport, Hotels, Logistics centers, Private Sea HUB Port for passengers and cargo, comprising a plurality of HUB TERMINALS: container, metal cargo, break-bulk cargo (iron ore fines or concentrate, construction materials, etc.), bulk cargo (grain, salt, sugar, etc.), bulked cargo (vegetable, tropical oils and fats, beverage, etc.), temperature-controlled cargo (frozen fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, etc.), etc. terminals (Only Eco Friendly).

ANYONE can be the owner of business(HUB Terminals, hotels, logistics centers, etc.) as part of the INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE INDUSTRIAL PARK.

FREE PRATIQUE: standards of convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic (FAL) will be implemented.

INDUSTRIAL PARK «OVIDIY CITY» is considered a unique international Business project. According to the concept it corresponds to the INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE INDUSTRIAL PARK.
This International Business in Real Estate Area is well weighted, carried by constantly increasing traffic of business market at Ukraine, especially in Odessa region. Odessa is well known in the world industrial, agricultural, cultural center, the resort.

MAYGER LLC is the owner and  initiator of the  International Business Project INDUSTRIAL PARK «OVIDIY CITY».